figlia del caos. vagabonda nell'universo. ballerina tra le foglie.

sabato 23 giugno 2012

tempismo (im)perfetto.

...and i guess.
sometimes i just have to lie down. let the tiredness come to me. let my eyes closed down. and stay quiet.
yes, it hurts. and yes i would like to lie down next to u.
i enjoy my single bed instead. the silence. the peace. the duvet all for me. the pillow all for me.
i'm like those children who don't want to sleep in the afternoon. the grandma keeps saying that s smt amazing, that growing up u just would pay for that.
but the children can't enjoy it because they don't feel tired.
they just would like to play and run and moving all around.
sometimes it s just like this. u can't appreciate what u have while u r living it, just because it s in the wrong moment.

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