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domenica 10 giugno 2012


u said u don't think i'm an idiot(a). well,i'm not.
that's why i don't like to be told bullshit.
and i don't like to use my mind when i'm not supposed to.
i don't want to lose u. u asked me to be patient.and i'm here. for u and with u.
just don't mess up with me.
we know u don't want anbody to know about us.
do i think it's weird? yes,i do.
u do have ur reasons? yes.
u do want to tell me? no.
but i don't care about this as much as i care about u.
i really enjoy the time spent with u. i take that.
i just think that sometimes it would be easier and better for us to stay in our halves.
not to be worried about jumping like crazy from one moment to the other.

is it easy for me? no.
i didn't even think to be able to feel what i'm feeling with u anymore.
rationally i can't explain why i trust u. 
why i like u so much.

i guess sometimes u just can't explain everything.
does it scare me? damn yes.
but it's not as important as the wellness i feel when 'm with u.

sometimes i have the feeling of being somewhere i've already been and the chicky voice in my mind suggest me to run away.
then i look into ur eyes and  i see what i need.

so, just this. just don't treat me as a child.
i prefer one truth that is unconfortable than a lie to keep me quiet.
because i trust u,and i would like to keep on like this.

no, i don't want u to say anything.
and yes, i know, i wrote a bible. sorry about that. ( but i'm famous for my bible,i have to defend my fame). sorry.

have a good day now, i'll see u in the evening, i guess.

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