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giovedì 14 giugno 2012

and yet it's so strange.
so strange that my life is linked to urs.
so strange having u in my mind.
so strange the way u look at me. ur smile just in half.
the energy that i'm feeling inside of me is so strong that i can hardly keep myself calm.
the way i look around is different. it's always me, but something has changed.
and yes, i'm always scared of the changings.
but man, man this time i'm not alone.
i can hardly believe in it. i keep on telling myself that it's true. and it's happening to me.
and yet it feels so strange. that strange that u could walk down the streets smiling between urself and everybody would look at u ith a questioning glance.
that strange that at work u sing ur favourite song over and over again, realising after a while that probably u were doing it too loud.
that strange that u r not waiting for the other to be happy, u leave ur happiness flow from u so that the enviroment around u changes delightly.
that strange that ur nights r the theatre of dreams, finally again.
that strange that when u wake up in the morning u prepare ur breakfast with attention and u enjoy every single bite. and then u keep on dancing with the music that maybe is just in ur head or maybe is all around.
that strange that u look into the mirror and u r happy with the person u see.
that strange that u touch the heart that is around ur neck one million time per second and every time ur heart stops beating for a while.
that strange that u would make love forever. cause in that moment u feel as if nothing else could makeu feel better and more complete.
u could make love under the shower, in the sofa,in the bed, in the table, under the sky or down in the corner.
i relly like having sex, but i love making love. it can give u a peace that lasts during the day. that fullfilling sensation that cannot be explained.

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