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venerdì 23 marzo 2012

the last chapter: rik.

Here I am again.. but well I hope this time u believe me... its the last thing that u are gonna receive from me... I really didnt want to finish like this.. and I wanted to tell u this face to face but I understood that its impossible.. I had a lots of questions in my head.. like why u change like this? or what is going on with u? or what did I do wrong? anyway.. tonight I just undertood everything.. but anyway I dont want to bother u anymore with this.. u have ur reasons...

ok.. I just want to tell u thank you.. for share with me this time.. thanks for all the good moments that we lived together.. thanks for ur kisses and everything else.. I dont have words to describe all the good moments that we lived together.. I learned a lot from this.. I learned that I need to be less intense.. that Its useless to give everything.. because at the end that is not gonna work at all.. and a lot of different things that maybe I dont even know.. but I will realized with the time... anyway I wish u the best Marika.. I love u.. and u will always be in my heart.. I will always remember u as a good stage in my life.. one part of my heart is yours.. I just want to ask u a favour.. I dont want to remember me.. I just want that u dont forget me.. and believe me.. if some day u need something from me.. dont even doubt in contact me.. I will be there... I will always be there for u... cause at the end I consider you a friend as well... I didnt want it to lose u... but I think that at least for now that what u want.. and I respect that.. I didnt want it to understand that.. u want me to leave u alone and because I love u the best thing is to let u go.. I was selfish because I was thinking just in myself.. now I can tell u that If u dont want to know anything else about me.. I will respect that... I wont bother u again... but I will always be there for u... I really wish u the best.. how that someday u will be able to love someone and also that someone love u in the correct way.. thats what u deserve.. u deserve the best.. u are a great person.. maybe I just met u in the incorrect time.. anyway again THANK YOU.. I love u and take care.. Muak! Rik

i'm feeling weird. i just closed this chapter of my life, that was absolutely driving me somewhere i didn't want to go.  holy shit. i don't even have the time to focus on my feeling.

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