figlia del caos. vagabonda nell'universo. ballerina tra le foglie.

mercoledì 4 luglio 2012

a volte semplicemente lo stato delle cose.
che io non sia pronta, che io non lo voglia non e mai veramente contato. perche dovrebbe iniziare ora?
shit happens every day. and everybody carry on with their own lives. the fact that i would like to scream, to cry to let me down doesn t chnge the life of anybody. and i just have to wait until it will be over.
i survived orrible storms. i just forget every time how the shit can bury u under the ground.
i just think how not to sink. if possible. if not. well. i don t give a shit right now.
my body follows the sunlight, my soul is asking for piety. but i find myself alone. once again. who knows if my soul has already died? i feel only diziness.

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